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with experimental sculptural performance interfaces

2011 June 13, Kings Place, London
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Event programme [774KB]
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Somewhere between improvisation and composition, art and science, lies Triggered - a dance-music-digital performance that builds on the Cage-Cunningham legacy of interaction between music, dance and technology. Dancers initiate music by interacting with free-standing and suspended sculptures. Sound and movement evolve in response to feedback, producing a sophisticated, highly-charged performance.

Performing, choreographing, composing and building the production are composers Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Tom Hall, Richard Hoadley, choreographer Jane Turner with dancers David Ogle and Ann Pidcock. Special guest composers and performers are Sam Hayden and Jonathan Impett.

This performance of Triggered is sponsored by the CoDE Institute of Anglia Ruskin University

Triggered: metapiano - June 13th 2011, Kings Place, London from Richard Hoadley on Vimeo.

Papers involving Triggered

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University of Lancaster, July

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(2010) Intimate Physical Control of Musically Expressive Algorithms
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