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Not Songs (2019-present)

phoneme translation

music and programming by Richard Hoadley

Not Songs, a phoneme-translation piece
Music and programming by Richard Hoadley

'Not Songs' is composed using SuperCollider.

There has been much research on the analysis, recognition and synthesis of the voice. This has resulted in fascinating and rewarding innovations and significant technical and aesthetic functionality. However, there appear to be no ‘off-the-shelf’ methods which analyse an audio stream in real-time and then provide the resulting data in a form that can be exploited creatively.

This project attempts to make this possible, as well as providing experimental and creative use of such data. The resulting transformations from the domain of data into the domain of music and audio gestures are evaluated and consideration is given as to whether they are effective and expressive tools and techniques.

More information available here. notsongs ztransform

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