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Max/MSP Project

The Numbers and Music Project

Create a patch that exploits the use of numbers. I'm primarily thinking of 'pitch', but you might come up with something else.

If the basic template is that of numbers driving the frequency of a sound making object, you might look at the following:

  • The use of named pitches instead of/as well as frequency values;
  • The use of formulae to generate patterned sequences;
  • The use of 'melodic rows' and variants to produce patterned sequences;
  • The use of selections from predetermined lists to produce patterned sequences;

  • The use of filters/modulation to vary the basic sound producting objects' output;

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The Projects

The projects and tasks are designed to help you through the various courses and materials that you'll have to deal with, and also to provide an active and practical element to what could otherwise become a rather dry and technical exercise. Tasks are small exercises - you may be asked to complete one or two per week. Projects are larger and carry a higher percentage of the mark. We will undertake two, three, four or more projects and tasks. The final project is usually an individual choice project, and will be worth significantly more than the others in terms of percentages in your portfolio. We will usually try to set aside a time to perform the projects in a public setting.