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Sensor Technology Submissions

The Individual Project

You are required to propose and implement a project using ideas and resources that you have developed during the course, if appropriate performing it live during a specially arranged event at the end of the semester.

Some Ideas

Throughout the course you'll be provided with basic ideas and templates that you can use to develop your own material. You'll be expected to propose ideas and projects to be considered for the Individual Project. If you prefer, tasks can be provided for you.

The Performance/Demonstration

Bring a recorded version of your piece should there be an irredeemable technical failure on the day. Please ensure that you have tested your software sufficiently so that should problems arise you will be able to solve them quickly and efficiently.

The Documentation

All assessment items should be accompanied by brief but comprehensive documentation. This should include photographs and videos of each task, including screenshots of any code that you have used. Please ensure that any videos you include are compressed (e.g. mp4), rather than dv. We are not interested in super-high-quality video for assessment purposes. Your complete submission should not need to be greater in size than 300MB with reasonable compression.


The 50% weighting for the Individual Project includes the following potential deductions:

Submission should be made physically on CD or DVD (Your submission shouldn't need to be greater than 300MB using suitable compression. Please don't stick any labels onto the discs.