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MaxMSP Example Patches

  1. GRICH - granularisation example
  2. OSC - an implementation of Open Sound Control in Max/MSP
  3. stochastic.zip -
  4. IDM - a collection of IDM implementations on Max/MSP
  5. POLY - the poly~ object, which makes polyphonic synth building more easy and efficient
  6. MSP-DOC-TUT-PATCH - Cyclig '74's MSP tutorial patches
  7. FILES - Example of the use of files - opening, finding, using, etc.
  8. JET - can't really remember what this was!
  9. Connections-tutorial.txt -
  10. MouseState - Patches utilising the object MouseState
  11. Connections - incomplete: connecting MIDI events to a number of control objects
  12. CONTROLLERS - Awaiting description...
  13. WIGGLE - Wiggle is a half-baked start at the development of an SH-101 style bass-line maker. Half-baked.
  14. ENV - a couple of ways of dealing with envelopes - it's not as straightforward as you might think!
  15. Munger.zip -
  16. RECORDING - Recording to buffer and recording to file
  17. SFPLAY - playing and manipulating sound files from disc, as opposed to play~ which uses a buffer in memory
  18. Munger - the original munger~ granulator - compare to the SC port
  19. Templates - Max/MSP Templates
  20. BBCUT - collection (currently only one!) of ideas based on Nick Collins' SC external BBCut
  21. composite_tutorials - Some patches concerning MIDI operations and some maths - for instance a version of the wondrous algorithm
  22. TAP - the Tap delay object
  23. FMSYNTHEX - a really basic FM Synth, slightly expanded
  24. SOUNDS - A few sounds - not very good...
  25. Fiddle - a messy, but working example of use of the fiddle~ object
  26. psy - Don't worry about this one!
  27. FRAZIER-REED.zip -
  28. Messages - constructing variable messages with message boxes
  29. GATES - gates in general, but particularly noise-gates and modulating one sound with the envelope of another
  30. FMSYNTH - a really basic FM Synth
  31. PLAY - The play~ object allows you to manipulate the playback of soundfiles from a buffer in memory, as opposed to from disc (see sfplay~)
  32. MIDI -
  33. Chords - generating (MIDI) chords in Max
  34. NUMBERS - Examples dealing with numbers in Max
  35. Degrade - A rather nice example of active use of degrade. Audio sample included.
  36. HELLO - Early versions of the patch behind the composition Hello
  37. GEN - The Gen series, part the Percolate externals: they generate a variety of attractive waves
  38. REVERB - example(s) of in-patch reverberation. Be careful as these slow the patch significantly. Consider adding reverb later or externally to your patch.
  39. MATRIX - nothing to do with Keanu Reeves
  40. Ninos - Don't worry about this one!
  41. SAMPLING - simple(r) versions of groove~ and sfplay~
  42. Paf - Phase Aligned Formant Synthesizer - The paf~ object synthesizes a formant with a specified center frequency, bandwidth, and amplitude. Each parameter change takes a target time as in the line object.
  43. Subpatch - Patches within Patches
  44. CLICK - Patches working towards the composition Click
  45. BASIC - recording, amplifiers, keys, lines: a bit of a lucky dip
  46. MISC - Um... miscellaneous stuff...
  47. PERFORMANCE_TEMPLATES - Some basic templates for performance using four different Max/MSP methods - sfplay~, human interface control (hi), audio in (Tapin and Tapout), sound synthesis and rhythm manipulation.